Vinyl / CD templates

In this section you can find the catalogue of our products and components which are available to all our customers.

For CD orders under 500 units please use duplication templates. Above 500 units please use replication ones.

In case that your product is not in our list, please contact us at this email address

Vinyl 7″

7″ Center Label (Small Hole)

7″ Center Label (Big Hole)

7″ Sleeve No Spine

7″ Sleeve 3mm Spine (Two Hole)

7″ Sleeve 3mm Spine

7″ Insert

Vinyl 10″

10″ Center Label

10″ Insert

10″ Disco Bag

10″ Innersleeve

10″ Sleeve 3mm Spine

10″ Gatefold Sleeve (One Pocket)

10″ Gatefold Sleeve (Two Pocket)

Vinyl 12″

12″ Center Label

12″ Disco Bag

12″ Insert

12″ Booklet 8 Pages

12″ Inner Bag

12″ Sleeve 3mm Spine

12″ Sleeve 5mm Spine

12″ Gatefold Sleeve (One Pocket)

12″ Gatefold Sleeve (Two Pocket)


CD Digipack 2 Panels Replication

CD Digipack 2 Panels + Pocket Replication

CD Digipack 2 Panels + Slot Replication

CD Digipack 3 Panels + Slot Replication

CD Booklet 4 Pages Replication

CD Booklet 6 Pages Replication

CD Booklet 8 Pages Replication

CD Inlay

CD Booklet 4 Pages Duplication

CD Label

DVD Label

CD Digipack 2 Panels Duplication

Other Templates

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