Contact us explaining your needs and get a quote

Submit completed and signed paperwork: order form, tracklist form, copyright declaration along with payment proof

Submit artwork according to these specifications:

  • Only use our templates
  • Add 3mm bleed to all sides
  • Images must be cmyk or pantone, 300 dpi resolution, ink coverage below 320%
  • Text must be converted to outlines
  • Approved file format: PDF
  • No layers, no transparencies, no crop marks
  • Text and logos should not be closer to 3mm to die-cut lines

Submit audio according to these specifications:

  • Approved file format for vinyl release: WAV
  • Approved file formats for cd release: DDP or ISO
  • Time lengths must match with tracklist form


  • Do not exceed maximum recommended length to achieve best sound quality: 7” @45rpm (5 min), 10” @33rpm (13.5 min) and 12” @33rpm (19.5 min)
  • 7” @33rpm is the worst posible cut option, strongly recommended @45rpm
  • Black standard vinyl 140g has the best audio quality and fidelity
  • Coloured vinyl may cause a higher noise level and/or clicks in the lead-in and lead-out grooves or on quiet parts of the recording
  • order at least 300g with 3mm spine outer sleeve. The heavier the outer material is, the less risk there is of the cover getting damaged or bent
  • Order a poly-lined inner sleeve to prevent dust and keep the record protected
  • Choose a transparent base colour with solid o black speckles when ordering a splatter vinyl for maximum effect
  • Always contact us if you are not sure about the end results of colours or any other specifications